Cantonment Board, Fatehgarh has appointed three committees under section 44(1)(e) duly approved by the Central Government for examination and determination of financial and matters related to civil area and for matters related to rest of the cantonment.

Finance & General Purpose Committee

(a) To advise the Board generally on all matters connected with finance.
(b) To prepare the Budgets Estimates of Income and Expenditure and to allot funds for expenditure under the various heads.
(c) To examine the statements of collection and outstanding taxes and other revenue and to advice the Board regarding necessary action to be taken in that connection.
(d) To examine the monthly accounts of the Board.
(e) To suggest ways and means to enhance the revenue.
(f) To consider applications for grant-in-aid to educational and public institutions.

Civil Area Committee

(a) The powers, duties and function of the Board under sub-section (1) of section 137, section 143, section 147, section 149 and section 262 shall be exercised or discharged in respect of a civil area by the civil area committee.
(b) To deal with all building applications under Section 234 of the Cantonment Act, 2006 in respect of the area other than Civil area;
(c) To deal with applications for exemption of poor persons under Section 113 of the said Act, 2006 from the residents of the civil area
(d) To deal with all applications for leases or temporary licences etc. Of lands situated within the civil area ;
(e) To deal with all applications for licences under Section 277 of the said Act.

In all cases the functions of the Committee are advisory and all proceedings required confirmation by the Board. The quorum necessary for the Committee Meeting shall be one half of the number of Members of the Committee holding the office.

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