Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule
  • Lanes, roads, small drains, refuse bins, urinals, group latrines and dead cattle in civil area.
  • Collection of rubbish/garbage from the refuse bins in army area.
  • Anti mosquito spray through sprayer.
  • Cleaning of septic tanks of latrines in civil area.
  • Inspection of shops of merchants of food grains, vegetables, fruits selling eatable items country/foreign liquors and intoxication drugs, medicines and other trades in cantt area.
  • Catching of stray cattle.
  • Release of seized items/goods/vehicles belong.

Punishable Offences under the  Cantonment Act

  • Trading without obtaining the license.
  • Manual Scavenging and discharging right soils into public drains.
  • Use of loudspeaker without permission of CEO.
  • Keeping animals without permission from CEO.
  • Putting Bills, Slogans etc on Walls.
  • Digging the holes/pits on Defence Land.

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